Willow Falls – Chapter 2 (…in progress)

Chapter 2

            I had slept for nearly three hours, it was almost four o’clock and dinner at my mother’s house was promptly at six o’clock.  As I stretched myself awake, I made good on my pre-nap promise, I was again worried.  The last person that I expected to see back here was Kathryn.  It was at times like these, that I cursed my existence and my mothers’ meddling, bless her soul.

Since there probably wasn’t a very good chance that I could spend the rest of the weekend in my room, I finished unpacking and decided that I would go make my rounds in town… maybe I would be back in time for dinner and maybe I wouldn’t.  My first task, however, would be sneaking past the warden which, in childhood, I never had much success at doing.  I grabbed my keys and cell phone and opened my bedroom door.

“Dinner is at six!” She said, standing in the doorway looking like a guard that had just stopped a prison break, and was damn proud of herself.

“I’ll be back in time, I’m just going to stop by and see a couple of friends.  Do you need me to pick up anything from the store?” I said in utter defeat.

“You might want to pick up some flowers.” She said with that same smirk on her face.

‘Or… I might not’,  I thought to myself as I whisked past her and hurried down the stairs.  “I’ll see you in a bit.” I shouted as I closed the front door behind me.  I would be back for dinner or I would never be able to come back at all.  I could deal with Kathryn, but I wanted no part of my mother.

I rushed down the walkway to the rental car that I picked up at the airport.  It was a run down old Chrysler 5th Avenue, champaign with maroon interior.  There was a very limited selection at the only car rental place in a small airport, in an small town.

My first stop would be the towns’ only law firm.  An old high school chum, Ian Wick, was the sole partner.  Ian came out to Seattle to visit me quite often and I always stopped in on him when I was in town.  We had been best friends since preschool and I was sure that he would get a kick out of my mother’s little ambush, if he wasn’t already in on it himself.

He was one of the neighborhood kids that still made frequent stops to my mothers’ house and had come to be like another son to her.  For all I knew he had already been recruited by her.  I would soon find out.

I drove through the windy dirt roads until I pulled up to the offices of ,I.A. Wick, Attorney at Law’ as was clearly displayed on a small two foot by two foot wooden sign with white trim.  I parked and went inside.

The office was moderately decorated in a fashion suited for a Lawyer that was in a town that didn’t need much Lawyering, aside from tax season.  The rest of the year he spent his time drafting the occasional will or reading through a land purchase agreement.  And by keeping an office that was all paid for by his grandfather and father who were both lawyers in this town in their own times, he was able to survive.  He just needed to make enough money to keep a supply of golf balls and fishing bait.

Ian was on a call as I walked into his office, but he waved me over to take a seat in front of his giant oak desk.

“Can you please hold for just one second?”, he said to whoever was on the other end of the call.

“It’s your mom, she says to pick up a nice bottle of wine for dinner.”, he whispered to me as if my mother would somehow hear him, even though the call was actually on hold.

I nodded to him and he talked for a couple of minutes more before hanging up.


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